Hi guys, welcome to NIXI STUDIOS.
My name is Madi Bernard and I am the owner and founder of this brand. I'm 27 years old, and I live in Atlanta! I have been a content creator and makeup artist for almost 6 years now, and in 2020; I realized that my passion for jewelry is much deeper than I knew. Whenever i'm creating a makeup or hair look, I always find myself finishing it off with jewelry pieces. They were always the last, and honestly the most important element to a full "look". The way jewelry shines in photos, the way it catches the light, and the way it moves has always been beautiful to me and brings me confidence. With that being said, NIXI STUDIOS came to life! 
Maintaining amazing quality jewelry, while still remaining at an affordable price point is my goal; I hope you see that when you get your hands on my pieces.